Algorithm Study Groups

There are some people interested in studying algorithms at the meetings. This thread is a place where people can organize study groups. (I’m going to link to this post in today’s email newsletter.)

Here are some other threads to check out:

If you’re interested in studying algorithms with other people in the group, leave a comment below and/or on any of the threads above. You can also start a new thread if you want to round up some people for a study group that uses a different book or course.

I’m interested Josh. Thank you!

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Also interested… Would like to focus on theoretical and move to applications

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I’m interested in participating in a study group in the oakland/sf area. preferrably on the weekends or evenings during the week

I am also interested in a study group, preferably online. I have recently started learning algorithms through CLRS 4th edition, but find it difficult all on my own.