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Second-Guessing Modern Web Development

This is interesting.

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My perspective is that html has always been a crappy standard and was never meant to live this long. Javascript and css were tacked onto it to give it some functionality and make the user experience better.
Having developed iOS apps, it was so much easier to use one language. Yes you had to develop a backend, but you could mostly use local storage and synchronize with it. Apps are siloed though, and this model wouldn’t work the best for the web.
The security of SPA’s is abysmal. The code and logic of the web used to run on the backend. Now it runs increasingly on your computer. Standards like JWT are inherently insecure as well compared to http-only cookies. With ads that track your searches and companies selling data back and forth it’s pretty dangerous.
I think a new standard for the web needs to be developed from the ground up. Maybe it’s app based with protected blockchain-like data like dfinity ( or block stack. I had some hopes for dfinity but it doesn’t seem to be making tons of progress towards a real-world solution.

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