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Programming Links -- Jan 21, 2021

Here are some interesting links I saw this morning:

GatsbyJS Conference

There is a free online GatsbyJS conference on March 2-3, 2021.

Julia Con

Julia Con is also free. July 28-30, with workshops taking place a week earlier.

Books on Genetic Algorithms

Genetic Algorithms in Elixir was released in print. I got the ebook and plan to read it at some point this year.

There’s also a similar book that has examples in C++, Python, and JS.

Forum Software in Haskell

Someone created forum software in Haskell using Scotty (a web framework “inspired by Sinatra”). It looks like it might be useful to learn from, because it’s a small app and the source code is available on Gitlab.

Learn Python Visually (discount)

Nostarch is offering a discount on Learn Python Visually with the coupon code GETCREATIVE. The book looks like it might interest people who are into #creative-coding .

Org Mode Event

There’s an online event here that might interest Emacs users:

Build Your Own Text Editor

~1,000 lines of code

Using Rust at 1Password

Rust has fulfilled 90% of what we were hoping for when we started this project. We’ve been able to deploy it to nearly every one of our target platforms in some way shape or form (with the exception of Apple Watch). The language itself has been designed with modern sensibilities and is improving with every release. It has great documentation and an active community.

Although there are countless crates available for use, we did have to roll our own logging and tracing tools to ensure that they were safe to use in 1Password. Additionally, we constructed a substantial localization implementation to meet the requirements of our products.

It did fall short for us in one key area: We were hoping WebAssembly would take us further in the browser and our browser extension than it has. WebAssembly has been great as a function library, but attempting to stand up an entire runtime in WASM has been a challenge. Many of the issues we ran into, however, were not limitations of Rust but of WebAssembly as a deployment platform.

Predicting Hard Drive Failure with Machine Learning