Creative Coding Libraries and Tutorials

I was looking at some creative coding resources today and found two interesting libraries.

Cinder (C++)

Cinder is a C++ library for programming with aesthetic intent - the sort of development often called creative coding . This includes domains like graphics, audio, video, and computational geometry. Cinder is cross-platform, with official support for macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Windows UWP.

Cinder is production-proven, powerful enough to be the primary tool for professionals, but still suitable for learning and experimentation.

Nannou (Rust)

Nannou is a library that aims to make it easy for artists to express themselves with simple, fast, reliable code.

Graphics, LEDs, Lasers, Audio, GUI

Creative Coding Tutorials

I also found a playlist called Creative Coding for Complete Beginners that looks interesting. It’s from a channel called Algorithmic Art.

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Some generative art resources mentioned on Hacker News recently:

Generative Artistry – includes some tutorials and a podcast

A large collection of links on generative art

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