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Coronavirus Thread

Here are some links for anyone who is worried about the coronavirus. If anyone has other useful information, post a comment below.

Basic information

So far, it appears to be less dangerous than the flu or SARS. Only 12,000 people have caught the coronavirus up to this point. Compare that to the flu, which this season has already affected as many as 26 million flu people and caused as many as 25,000 deaths, just in the US.

How to stay safe

Some common recommendations include washing hands, being careful about touching your face, and not going out when you’re sick. I don’t know if it helps, but I clean my laptop and phone with rubbing alcohol each day.

Comparison with the flu

(Tip: please get yearly flu vaccinations, even if it’s just to help protect the people around you. Flu vaccinations are free at most pharmacies — some will even pay you $5.)