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Book Giveaway: Fullstack Rust

We’re giving away a free copy of Fullstack Rust to one random person. (Regular price $79-99.)

To enter the giveaway, check the “Yes” box below, and click the “like” icon at the bottom of this post. :slight_smile:

EDIT: this poll is closed and the winner was announced in the chatroom. Sign up for a forum account to get notified about the next giveaway. :slight_smile:

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The book covers building web servers in Rust as well as WebAssembly.

In this book we show you how to use Rust to build incredibly fast web-servers , build command-line tools , and compile apps to run in the browser with Web Assembly (WASM).

I’m looking forward to reading this book as well. If you aren’t familiar with WebAssembly or Rust, check out forum posts with the #rust and #webassembly tags.


I should have made it clearer in the top post that the winner will be randomly chosen after the poll closes at 11:59pm on Sunday, April 26th (2020-04-27T06:59:00.000Z). I’ll send out the book within 48 hours of that time.

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Is it an ebook?

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Yes, it’s an ebook. I’ll send a code that will allow a free download.

There are two days left to enter. :slight_smile:

The poll is now closed with the winner announced in the chatroom.

We’ll do another giveaway as soon as I find something else that would interest people here. :slight_smile:

will the winner be announced here or in slack?